Magnetic USB Fast Charging Micro Type C Cable

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Magnetic USB Fast Charging Micro / Type C Cable

  • Item Type: USB Cable
  • Length: 1 m / 39.37 inch, 2 m / 78.74 inch
  • Output: 5V/2.4A


Magnetic USB Fast Charging Micro Type C Cable
Magnetic USB Fast Charging Micro Type C Cable



Package Includes:

  • 1 x Pc

Magnetic USB Fast Charging Micro / Type C Cable

Magnetic USB Fast Charging Micro / Type C Cable

Magnetic USB Fast Charging Micro / Type C Cable

Magnetic USB Fast Charging Micro / Type C Cable

Magnetic USB Fast Charging Micro / Type C Cable

Magnetic USB Fast Charging Micro / Type C Cable

Magnetic USB Fast Charging Micro / Type C Cable

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Additional information

Specification: Magnetic USB Fast Charging Micro Type C Cable

Type USB
Has Retail Package Yes
Compatible Brand Palm
Features Magnetic
Brand Name USLION
Cable length 1 meter
Compatible Model 1 Type-C Cable For Samsung Galaxy Note 9 S10 S9 S8 Plus Huawei P20 Lite
Compatible Model 2 Micro USB Cable For Samsung Galaxy S7 edge S6 S5 Xiaomi Redmi 4X
Compatible Model 3 Micro Cable For Xiaomi Redmi 3s Pro / Note 3 Pro Cabos
Compatible Model 4 USB Type C Cable For Samsung Galaxy S8 S9 Note 9 Plus /S6 S7 S10 edge
Support Retail / Wholesale / Drop Shipping
Feature1 360 Degree Rotate Round Magnetic Cable
Feature2 Strong Magnetic USB Cable

Magnetic USB Fast Charging Micro Type C Cable Videos

Reviews (15)

15 reviews for Magnetic USB Fast Charging Micro Type C Cable

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  1. imdjg

    I was looking for a set of cables and tips like this so my wife and I could interchangeably charge our phones (Android and apple) with the same cable. The tips stay securely in place and have a low profile. If you have a case you might not even notice it’s there. The magnetic hold is solid enough to still use your phone while charging, but “breaks” away at just the right time so as not to apply pressure on the charging port. Connection is very easy to make, I can do so by just feel with one hand. Works with my quick charger as well. Another welcome surprise, the cables are very flexible. Alot of cables that I have are stiff which doesn’t allow me to move the cable as freely as I’d like, these cable are awesome in that regard. Can’t speak for durability having only used them for two weeks, though they feel as solidly built as the best cables I’ve used. Overall I would highly recommend.

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  2. Darius Warner

     I like that this product came with many different attachments for me to use I think that the cord length of variance is nice because it allows me to use the charging cord in many different areas I think that that attachment that came with it to take out the Chargers made it very easy to switch to other attachments and to use

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  3. Jody Williams

    Bought this mostly for my over 50 mom who kept breaking regular phone cords by trying to stretch them to use while sitting on the couch. After the 4th or 5th bent USB cable I realized something needed to change. That’s when I stumbled upon a YouTube video advertising magnetic cables for cell phones. For whatever reason, even though I’d seen these before (always at a discount at big box stores) I thought magnetic meant it stuck to the back of your phone so you didn’t lose it. I thought it was some silly gimmick. YouTube taught me different (and no, I’m not over 50, I’m 27 – don’t ask me why I thought this or where I got the idea from, I have no clue). So add two and two and I realized a magnetic cable that would separate upon being stretched to far instead of bending the USB part itself would be perfect for my mom. And hey while I was at it I got one for me and one spare. Mom got the longest cable, I got the second longest. Set us both up and neither of us have looked back at regular, non-magnetic cables again. As a bonus, this set (though it doesn’t say it) includes like 3-4 mini USB ends which was one of my worries as both our phones take mini USB. So that was very appreciated. That’s not even mentioning all the other extras you get with this. I would say it’s well worth the price. The cables themselves are quite sturdy, and the mini USBs that go into the actual phone stay where they’re supposed to and are easy enough to remove if needed. The magnetizion so to speak, while strong, can be hit and miss once you attach the cord to the mini USB part. If you put the cord in without the blue light facing you it will start to charge then stop, so be careful of that. I keep the phone by my bed so the blue light can be a bit annoying, I do wish there was a way to shut it off, but I suppose it’s good to know I have power. And I just cover the light with my glasses case anyway lol.Anyways, I would certainly recommend this and if the need ever arose, I would buy it again. As I said, for what you get its well worth the price. Try it out, you won’t regret switching to magnetized cables. 🙂

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  4. William M.

    So I decided to buy this on a whim because I was curious, thinking that for the price, if it sucks I’m not out much money. Usually these types of chargers are a clever idea, but not very practical in the real world.I was so wrong, I LOVE these charging cables! I’ve now bought two 3ft cords and a 6ft cord, PLUS an extra pack of tips.These are fantastic in the car because of the ease of use (safety first, don’t text and drive), great at my desk for charging multiple devices like my Pixel 2XL (USB-C), Samsung Tab (USB-MICRO), PS4 Controller (USB-MICRO), and my dry herb vaporizer 🥴 (USB-MICRO).The only drawback I can find is that it can be easy to knock off the cord sometimes, so depending on how you move it while it’s charging it can be irritating. But that irritation pales in comparison to it’s benefits.

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  5. Mike

    These cables feel really high quality. They are nylon braided and are tangle resistant. The magnetic connection is solid, they connect and don’t accidentally disconnect. The magnetic adapters fit the phone very snuggly and won’t get pulled out when pulling the magnetic cable away.This was a great deal for some very convenient cables. I’d definitely recommend these and may even buy some more to leave around the house.

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  6. Charles Pavlack

    UPDATEFollowing my initial review (below), Fiona from TopK customer service contacted me, and sent me additional adapters to replace the one that broke. As I’ve used the cables, I’ve become more used to the magnetic hold on the cables, and I’m not experiencing as much “drop off” either. I’ve purchased another set of cables, and have added a star to my review.Original Review:First, let me be clear that this is a fine charger. It works well, and supports Samsung fast charging (most of the time).One point to be aware of: In some online ads for another company’s version of this, it shows the user holding the cord and swinging his phone around, to show how strong the magnet is. This isn’t anywhere near that. The magnet holds the charger to the phone, but if you pick it up too quickly or too forcefully, the phone separates from the charger. In other words, the magnet holds when the phone is resting (and clicks into place when the cord and the phone are close), but will doesn’t hold real strongly.The major complaint I have, however, is that after two days’ use, one of the phone adapter clips has come apart from its magnetic base. I can push it back on, but it comes off the next time I connect the phone to the cable. I could glue it on, but am afraid the glue would interfere with the magnetic connection.

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  7. Kevin Greggain

    Charging and data-wise, these cables are great. Good magnetic link up, and work on USB drives, keyboards, and Bluetooth itemsThe only issue which I consider small is when removing the plug (the part that goes in the device), the small metal shroud around the plug itself fell off. I put it back on and it seems fine, but just a note if this happens to you.However, all 3 cables are working perfectly, and I am definitely going to buy at least one more set because it’s so handy to just move cables between devices to keep the endless spiderweb of cords from all the tech I own.

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  8. Dft006

    Ok. Im a nerd. i know. I finally found the perfect cable. Heres the combination of specs that set these apart. 1. These are braided (super flexible with out feeling like you are over bending), 2.aluminum housing on the usb tips (really solid build quality, nothing feels cheap),3. a soft blue led light on charging tip, 4. magnetic connect with interchangable tips. 5.Magnet is perfect strength if it were any stronger it would pull the tip out and any weaker it would come detached too easily. 6. The connector is circular!!! Other products like this i have tried are oval making you line up the connecter in order for the magnet to properly connect. Circular connecter allows for truly blind attaching. Also, it allows for the wire to rotate so if you dont want the glowing blue light you can simply rotate the wire so the light is pointing down. 7. High speed/data transfer cable!!!! This is especially handy in a car that has android auto or carplay. No more fiddling witht he wire. Just set phone down and the cable automatically connects. This part alone is worth the price of admission. 8. You can really tell they thought carefully about the design. the charging tips that fit into your phone have an ever so slight curvature on the front and back to provide just a little extra space for cases. This attention to detail really gives you confidence in the product manufacturer! I love companys that take seemingly normal products and perfect them. That is what topk has done here. If i were to have one complaint, and its not really anything to do with the product itself , more about the idea behind the product, its that in order for this to be practical, you really have to replace 100% of your charging cables with these or its not practical. You are not going to take out those tiny charging tips to switch between cables. Better to just replace all cables so its one seamless system.

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  9. PurriousClowder

    these are pretty awesome. glad i ordered them.they have a light on each end that stays illuminated as long as its plugged in the wall. so late night phone plug ins are much easier – you can actually plug in your phone without disrupting your partner with a light.the 6′ cord and one of the 3′ cords have the magnetic connectors on the sides. (the 1′ and the other 3′ have them on the front tip.) these side connectors are a really awesome feature i havent seen before. they allow you to hold a phone in landscape mode while charging, without having to figure out how to finagle the with any magnetic charger, it disconnects and reconnects very quickly and effortlessly. this also means dont go flinging your device around while its charging. it comes un”plugged”. why, you ask, would this be the norm? otherwise it would pull the phone port peice out and most likely get very lost. its not unstable though, as long as you give yourself enough length to not pull the connection then everything works as it should. the magnets themselves hold tightly unless you fling your phone like a baby rattle.overall highly recommended. only gripe i had was i should have paid attention to the lengths i was ordering…. my bad.

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  10. Liz

    Pros:- Definitely the length of the product. My older/OEM cables were at most 3ft. Gives more flexibility rather than being attached to the wall- the green light at night works as a good finding tool when I want to charge my phone rather than feeling in the dark for the cable head- It actually fast charges (working with the OEM fast charger)- comes with the cable, 1 head for usb-c and 1 head for android phone. I attached a head to each of my different phones and the magnet will connect with them with ease at night – for those who have ever used a Macbook, this product is essentially designed like a magsafe, but for your phone. It connects with ease, but you need to rotate the position until it clicks and then its a sturdy charge until you dismountCons:- Haven’t found any yet. Loving it so far from 2 weeks of consistent usage

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  11. V. H.

    I was so excited for this charger to come as I am a big fan of magnetic charging.Pros: lots of replacements for USB-C, micro USB, and lightning dongles for the charging ports so you can plug them into several devices and can even sub them out if they become damaged. There were 4 cables included – 2 6 ft cables and 2 3ft cables. The charging cable will now be universal as the ends are left in the phone. There will be no snags or port breakages as the magnet will disconnect if the pull is too forceful. The look is nice and sleek with a cool LED light at the end of the cable.Cons: the braided wires feel a little cheap and, if not take care of or handled too roughly, will probably stop working after a while. I’m worried about their longevity for that reason and am not sure how long it will last.All in all I am satisfied so far but time will tell if these hold up. I will edit my review if anything happens to them in the next year.Update: so I decided to return these cables as they do not fast charge my Samsung as it claims. I know this because I am using a fast charging adapter and it took 4.5 hours to charge. The magnets are flimsy and the cable itself feels extremely cheap. The process for return has already started. If you’re looking to casually charge your devices this may make your life easier. As with most people I live on my phone so it’s ineffectiveness was not acceptable for me.

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  12. Christine Sims

    So highly recommend. Bought a set like these but they were only charging cables. Returned and bought these. Came today. Magnet is strong but it’s easy to disconnect also. I know, a conundrum. I have already recommended to my family and close friends because I was that blown away with how amazing they are. No more fumbling with chargers. To me, the biggest test. I have a ps4 and the controller USB port gets worn out and the regular charger I have for it only works about half of the time. Have to wiggle it around and then try to not move it (while playing) and it became SUCH a hassle. Put the usb one in my PlayStation controller, worked perfectly and doesn’t disconnect/reconnect constantly.

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  13. Jennylyn Harris

    I absolutely love this fast easy to connect

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  14. Jayson

    I like the design and the cords seem durable. But it does not charge any faster than your average charger. Immediately had connection issues with the phone case that I have. I have a feeling that these magnetic connectors won’t last long. I will keep my review updated

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    As I can see on many negative reviews here, too many of you don’t know anything about USB charging technology, and complaining about slow or no charging.You need to know that these are only charging cables with 2 wires for positive and negative pole, no data connection or additional signals.And standard charging requires a standard charger! New super phones with their Quick Charge adapters can only be charged in STANDARD charging mode, with only 5V, and max. 2.4A. Quick Charge requires a data connection between charger and phone, because both devices are negotiating the highest possible charging voltage (up to 20V) and current. This can NOT be done with just 2 contacts on the magnetic connector.If you require Quick Charge, don’t buy it! If you have a standard USB charger to use with the wires, buy them. They are awesome!

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